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Forking out money on cracked screens? No more!Here’s your solution.

Singapore with 73% smartphone penetration rate is ranked 2nd in terms of smartphone penetration in Asia-Pacific. This means that 7 in ten owns a smartphone and you would think that you could keep your phone safe with the tempered glass screen protector and a phone cover. However, a survey published on The Straits Times previously shows that our mobile phones are exposed to constant danger.

Just last year, a 26 year old Singaporean dropped the iphone X he newly bought after queuing for more than 16 hours on the MRT tracks. According to the MRT staff that helped to retrieve the phone, it is quite common for passengers to drop their phones into the tracks. On top of that, statistics published on The Straits Times reported that 34% of Singaporeans have damaged their smartphones while in the toilet, 12% have damaged a phone by sitting on it and 15% have dropped their mobile phones after bumping into someone or something.

All in all, approximately 41% of Singaporeans are using a damaged mobile phone while 22% is unwilling to get the mobile phone repaired because of the expenses incurred. With 38% of owners damaging their smartphones within the first three months of usage, it would be wise to consider mobile phone insurance. Similar to any other types of insurance, by paying a monthly premium to the insurer, mobile phone insurance will cover you for unfortunate events such as lost or damaged mobile phones. Taking into consideration the steep price of a smartphone, mobile phone insurance is attractive to consumers. A quick search on the website shows that the iphone X is sold at S$1,888 while the iphone 8 Plus will set you back at S$1,548. With all of the above in mind, let’s take a look at how mobile phone insurance works in the favour of consumers.

For instance, the mobile insurance that AllAssured is offering together with finexis, consumers will only have to pay an excess of $50 and the remaining cost would be borne by the insurer. In the event that the mobile phone is irreparable, consumers will only have to pay for a small fee to get a replacement phone of similar specification. Likewise, telcos are offering similar add-on services too. For example, MobileSwop offered by Singtel is a 12-months subscription where consumers pay $9.90/month and they will be entitled to unlimited swops and 1 replacement within the subscription as long as they pay the swop or replacement fees. The current swop and replacement fee for handsets worth $1,500 and above is priced at $260 and $690 respectively.

We will never be able to predict when accidents are going to happen. If you are just like me, someone with butter fingers and highly likely to drop my phone or damage it with water, mobile phone insurance is definitely worthwhile to get. Currently, we are offering a complimentary 6 months coverage* worth $72 for your mobile phones! Simply head over to to protect your phone today.

*Terms & Conditions apply

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