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The 5 gifts your dad wants this Father’s Day

More often than not, dads are not the type to make a big fuss about Father’s Day. Nevertheless, we want to show our appreciation to our dads for all that they have done for us. To be fair, it is way harder to find the right gift for dad. To make it easy for you, we have listed our favourite ideas to help you find the perfect gift.

#1 World Cup Subscription

In case you have been hiding under the rock, FIFA World Cup 2018 is happening between 14 June and 15 July this year. The World Cup that happens once every four years is like the pilgrimage to football fans. What would be better than watching the game with a chilled beer in the comfort of the sofa at home.

#2 A day off daddy’s duties

Life has changed ever since one becomes a parent. Parenting comes with responsibilities and we can never live with the YOLO mentality again. That does not mean dads do not appreciate a nights out just to hang out with his friends. We can help by letting him take over the house for the night so he can host soccer night (Don’t let the World Cup subscription go to waste!), or keeping an eye on the kids so that he can go to his favourite prata place for a good supper after a night of soccer game. While things may never be the same again when we become parents, we can always take a day off to relive the good old days.

#3 Life Insurance

Dad has done everything he can to protect us but we can never predict the future. If insurance is something that has been at the back of the mind, but no one has made time for financial planning, there’s no time better than the present. Term insurance is the most affordable plan, which one can get to protect the family against unfortunate events. For example, a 35-year-old man that is in good health condition can get term coverage with critical illness benefits with premium as low as $162.75 per month. Unsure of what your needs are? Simply download 20%more and analyse your needs to find out how to protect your family today.

#4 Sleep

Traditionally, the role that dads play in an Asian family is to bring home the bacon and comes home to eat and sleep. However, as our society changes, the modern dad plays an equal role in the household. He is helping around the house by changing the diapers, feeding the baby at night and sharing the household chores. With young kids around the house, dads are probably sleep deprived with all the new responsibilities and can definitely appreciate a quiet space to catch some sleep.

#5 Handcrafted gifts

Dads have their soft spots too. A card from his significant other to show appreciation, a customised photo frame that he can put on his work desk or even a compiled video of the snippets of the memorable moments makes great gifts too. The whole point of handmade gift is to give a present that is personal and individual to the person that will receive the gift. Although this takes up time and money, you can be sure that this will make a meaningful gift.

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