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Insurance made efficient

with SG’s 1st robo-assisted insurance optimiser

Robo-Assisted Insurance Optimiser

At AllAssured, we do not believe in overpaying for insurance policies. 

Hence, we adopt a proprietary process that rates and reviews your insurance portfolio, helping you stretch your dollars.



Hear what our users say!

"Most people are not sure about what policies they have. Worst still, they may be overpaying for their insurance! This app can help them to optimise their portfolio, maximise their dollar and save some money."


Ling Chun Wei, 32

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Insurance made efficient anytime, anywhere

Review your portfolio

Singapore's 1st robo-assisted insurance optimiser reviews your portfolio and gives you an indication on how relevant and efficient your current portfolio is.

Hassle-free financial planning tool

We bring financial planning online to save time for busy Singaporeans like you and me!

View your policies at a glance

Find all your policies in one place. You no longer have to worry about misplaced policies.

Share with one click

Insurance is not a secret. Just tap and share your portfolio with your loved ones so you have one less worry when tragedy strikes.

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